Well-being practices
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A healthy mind in a healthy body

To be well in your body as well as in your head, we have not yet found anything better than massages and practices such as yoga.
Improved flexibility, lower blood pressure, relief of body tension, stress and musculo-articular pain.
Effective bodily practices on a physical, mental and emotional level to find well-being and serenity.

Massage thaïlandais

Au moyen de pressions, d'étirements, de torsions et de manipulations des articulations, le donneur (masseur) va offrir au receveur (patient) un moment unique d'abandon. Ce dernier va lui permettre notament de goûter aux bienfaits du yoga sans avoir à faire le moindre effort. Les manipulations aideront en outre à garder ou retrouver souplesse et tonicité et à soulager les contractures musculaires. Ce massage est pratiqué habillé (tenue confortable et permettant une grande amplitude de mouvements), sur tapis au sol.

Swedish massage

A favorite fitness massage for athletes, this oil massage induces deep relaxation of muscle tissue, and acts jointly on blood circulation and joints. Its revitalizing and soothing action promotes physical performance as it de-stresses the nervous system. This massage is performed in swimsuits or underwear not afraid of oil (disposable thongs also available), on a massage table.

Japanese facial massage

This oil massage, originating in the land of the rising sun, will stimulate, smooth, drain the skin of your face and neck, rebalance the circulation of energy. It is thanks to its relaxing, purifying, moisturizing, toning and draining actions, and its lifting and plumping effect, that this massage has gained a reputation as a massage or "anti-aging" or "anti-wrinkle". Practiced regularly, it is therefore not only a delicious moment of relaxation, but also a real makeover ...

Yin yoga

This particular form of yoga is the "Yin" counterpart of the classic forms of yoga rather "yang" because it works all the muscles of the body. Yin yoga will act on the fascias, often at the origin of chronic pain and back pain in particular. These tissues which surround each part of the body and therefore the tendons, ligaments and joints, will be called upon "in depth" with postures held for several minutes, stimulating and balancing the circulation of energy in the body. This practice will also encourage the spine to rebalance itself.


A few caveats

Massages like yoga are activities that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy. However, their practice can be (strongly) discouraged in certain cases.


The contraindications to massage are: phlebitis, varicose veins, acute inflammation, feverish state, respiratory, cardiovascular, hypotension or arterial hypertension problems, serious pathologies (cancer, etc.), sprains, contusions, joint effusions, osteoporosis, joint prostheses, skin conditions (edema, infected eczema, wounds, dermatosis), muscle tears, sciatica, lumbago, proximity to a large meal, significant fatigue , the pregnancy.


The contraindications to yoga are: neurological diseases such as Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis or epilepsy, feverish conditions, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, proximity to a large meal, severe fatigue, recent surgery.
Certain postures are also not recommended in the event of back problems, cervical, hypotension or arterial hypertension, hyperthyroidism, or even menstruation.


Pandemic context

The still active circulation of the covid leads us to observe a certain number of common sense measures.


All massages are performed again, at the eco-place "Les Coteaux d'Eos" (outdoors) or at home where a minimum floor space of 3m x 2m is necessary, and preferably outdoors always (in the shade) or within a room that has been sufficiently ventilated.


Yin yoga classes given indoors will resume as soon as government measures concerning sports halls allow it again. The health measures that we have already known previously (distancing, wearing a mask, alcoholic gel upon entering the room) will then be in effect again as long as necessary...


Practical information

Below are the prices and the hours


Thai massage* : 1h → 60 € / 1h30 → 90 €
Swedish massage* : 1h → 60 €
Japanese facial massage* : 1h → 60 €
Yin-yoga - For private lessons (at home - 1h) : → 30 € - For private lessons (indoor - 1h30) : single course → 10 € ou subscription to the year-round course → 220 € or booklet of 10 tickets (giving access to 10 lessons in the room, whatever it is - Natha, nidra, yin) → 80 €
* Additional travel costs possible for home massages
Rules for massages :
CB or cash uniquement


Massages are practiced from Monday to Saturday from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 19h, either at your home or at the eco-place "Les Coteaux d'Eos" outdoors, under holm oaks, or indoors.
Yin-yoga classes are given on Mondays from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. at the Entrecasteaux yoga room.


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